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Hi there, my name is Russell Walsh and welcome to my site. In reality I am actually a demolition expert by trade but I began making and developing websites around eight years back. Something of a significant change you may feel but I fell into it quite easily and at present it just seems to be "what I do". Though quite often I build websites just for the challenge, I do clearly also try to generate a little income from it (to pay domain names etc). To be honest I find it a fascinating challenge, developing ideas and putting them into practice.

I reckon that I am not the only guy to have become cheesed off whenever visiting sites to get frequent pop-ups offering up things I do not want and newsletters I would never read, repeated advertising rammed down my throat which bears no resemblance to what I am interested in, and in addition being forced to login or sign up to achieve almost anything on most websites. I bet that you feel as I do after the resulting email spam starts arriving and you have no choice but to spend your precious time on a daily basis eliminating this rubbish?

My site isn't dynamic consequently the content is not going to be constantly moving or take forever to fully load. You won't be needing to sign in or sign up and I promise you won't get any worthless newsletters or e-mails. You will find some advertising on my site, though it isn't rammed down your gullet. And you will never get those ridiculous pop-ups that you can't work out how to close down.

It has constantly been my goal to develop easy to use, basic sites that are quick loading and hassle free. I hope I've accomplished that with this website and that you've got some benefit from visiting, or at least not have been disappointed by it.

I am not a divorce lawyer myself therefore please do not contact me with any inquiries in connection with divorce proceedings or for quotes for divorce related work, the website was created to advise you of the variety of ways to identify a reliable divorce lawyer by yourself.

I cannot endorse or recommend any individual service, I've simply given you a few strategies for identifying one, the choice is in the end yours.

Thank you once again for checking it out and I expect to welcome you here once again sometime soon.